The state of DI in PHP


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Informative with a wide spectrum of examples, something for everyone.

The talk was a decent overview of the current implementations of DI in PHP. Unfortunately nothing new for anyone that looked into it already. Not sure how to improve that though. Maybe incorporate it in a broader talk?

Good talk about DI, nothing new about the concept but nice to see the implementations in different frameworks. Would love to see some of the microframeworks implementations.

I liked the overview of the way various frameworks implemented DI. The history part seemed to make up almost half of the presentation and that was far too long in my opinion. The talk might profit from a shorter history part and a longer overview.

Great talk. Maybe more details on open-source DI frameworks would have been even greater. Also a classification would be the best resource on DI status.

Good speech. Nice showcase of different implementations. However would have been nice to show a comparison with good/bads for each of them.

interesting topic but the speach didn't bring new information. i was hoping to see something different.

Anonymous at 00:44 on 29 Jan 2012

Good talk, offering insights on the different implementations of DI. And nice conclusion, we can definitely use a standard for DIC.

Well rounded off talk. Did not introduce me to the topic, but i really liked how it showed the history of DI and a solid comparison between available solutions, very well done.

Great talk! Not boring as your talk previous year!

Interesting talk. Good overview of the different implementations.

Nice talk. Not a lot more to add as the previous posters.

Thank you all for the feedback. Will try to apply the requested changes and focus more on the general overview of the available DI containers.

Anonymous at 17:05 on 29 Jan 2012

it was a good talk, although the topic has been already widely discussed in recent years. I had expected some more new things about the pattern, things that havent been discussed already yet

I liked the historical overview. It is not particularly interesting if a certain library was written in 2005 or 2006, so there's no need to mention that you couldn't find this out exactly.

The details given were exactly what I was looking for. It saved me the time to examine the frameworks for DI myself.

The author started to say how happy he was for DI to enter PHP, but ended with the remark that the implementations diverged too much and that autocompletion support was lacking. This, combined with the impression I got that DI implementations are quite work-intensive, gave the talk a somewhat anti-climactic course.

Too much history
Too much focus on implementations in frameworks
The presentation and slides were good and clear
I expected more from this talk

I agree with Jurgen Rutten (personally I don't care about history of DI at all).
Other than that: great talk.