Gearman and ZeroMQ, two different animals


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Great talk, I would had love to see some live examples.

Despite the modesty, excellent talk backed by experience and a well-trained and mature speaker (part of our team, so I am biased of course).

Looking forward to your next talk.

Interesting topic and well delivered. Good job!

A nice talk explaining the difference between the two tools. Next time try too speak up more, sometimes we could not here the last couple of words.

Nice intro talk about two different tools. As I already know the tools I would liked to have see some live demo with the differences.

For a first talk ever it was very nice. Next time you don't have to be that nervous anymore.

very well brought, very clear to understand.

but :p, maybe because it was a technically loaded talk i personally would have left out the most simple examples because people would have understood them from the little bit more complex ones too.

for the rest, fantastic job

Good one for a first timer. Good explanation, clear slides, keep up the good work!

This was a pretty detailed talk about Gearman vs. ZeroMQ. The good build-up of first explaining the key terms and then matching them together payed off. Very informative!

As was already mentioned above, more code examples would be appreciated (perhaps real-life ones from ZeroMQ as used in a project instead of the theoretical examples from the site).

Nice presentation, good overview of the two technologies.
Maybe it was a bit loaded for some people, but nonetheless a great job!

A solid first time presentation. Try to move some content and bullet points out of your slides and talk more instead. :)

Jachim did really great for his first big conference presentation. The presentation was well structured and very well delivered. I agree with the above comments that some extra code samples would be a nice extra.

You did an awesome job, Jachim. I'm looking forward to see you speak again!

A very nice intro to both tehniques that were new to me. Agree with others that actual real world apps built with the tools would have been the icing on the cake.