Getting started with Zend Framework 2


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Good presentation, overview level, but that is probably just right at this time. Can't wait to see what is up next year.

Your remark about Zend/Di is keeping me busy, where can I find more about the pros/cons of Zend/Di (from the zfdev-teams point of view)?

having done ZF1 and SF2 I was interested in ZF2. Good talk but still not convinced about ZF2 though. Happy to hear there is a skeleton app to start from, will try it out. Also see this question about the project

Anonymous at 00:38 on 27 Jan 2013

Not that structured talk. Jumping from one part of ZF2 to the next makes it confusing. Also the mentioning of all different Event Listeners and methods of configuration didn't make sense for me.

I don't really know what to say.
I'm interested in trying zf2, but I'm not convinced about its 'power'.

Matthew gave a great high-level overview of ZF2's architecture, it has definitely caught my attention. The talk was presented in a very clear and easy to understand manner. Even as a non-ZF user I was able to follow along nicely.

Great 'getting started' guide, good explanation of changed concepts from ZF1 to ZF2.
Enjoyed it. Thanks

Good and approachable overview. Made me understand the architecture of ZF2 although (unfortunately) I haven't worked with it, nor with ZF1.

Nice guide explaining the basic principles of ZF2

Great High-level overview of the new features in ZF2.

Great High-level overview of the new features in ZF2.

Gave a nice overview on ZF2, but I missed the structure in the beginning. Mentioning different event listeners didn't grab my attention because I couldn't place it in the right context.

Good overview of the design principles behind ZF2 and how they have been implemented in practice. Really shows you guys have put a lot of thought into it and have learned from the mistakes made with ZF1. Really made me want to try it out.

Really enjoyed Matthew's easy going and confident presentation style, it really shows he is an experienced speaker and can grab the audiences attention.

Haven't ever worked with ZF2 and coming from the Symfony2 world the talk gave me a nice overview of some bigger components of ZF2. Very nice presented and got me interested in take a closer look at some implementations.

It was not my first introduction to ZF2, but the best and most complete so far. I'm still not convinced that I will drop Symfony2 for ZF2, though ;) But, actually, the good thing about your presentation was to point out some of the different approaches of two frameworks, and that I found very helpful.