Git (and GitHub) for Ninjas


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Very entertaining talk! Learned new tricks. Thanks.

Loved the talk. Although it does not provide much background on git itself; it gives a good overview of tips, tricks and more advanced features.

I was however missing a bit more details on what the reflog provides, it would have made a good subject during this talk.

The presentation style was comfortable and clear, the handling of questions in particular was nice.

Great talk, well delivered, I consider myself a fairly experienced git user, but still learnt a few tricks.

A lot of hands on, which is good.
But git in the terminal isn't for everyone.

Great talk with a very smooth demo explaining all those cool things. Will certainly use them next week!

Although I have been using git for 5 years now, this was the presentation where I took the most notes, most of them where like: Google this or that, for example: checout the "sexy-bash-prompt for git". It's going to take me a while to follow up on my notes.
Good balance in examples between cli/gui and windows/non-windows.

Nice overview of some lesser known git & github tricks and very well presented

Anonymous at 00:31 on 27 Jan 2013

Nice talk about some known and unknown features of Git(hub) for me. The hands on examples were very useful. Learned some really cool new stuff.

Only downside were the screens. It was sometimes hard to see what Ben was doing.

Very please by the talk, got to pickup a few new tricks in both git and github interaction.

Learned a lot of cool tricks! nice explanation/demonstation.
Thanks for that!

!!!! <3

Loved this talk, got to pick up plenty of new tricks, both git and github stuff! I definitely went away from this talk with more knowledge that I will be able to use in everyday life, out of the talks that I saw this was the most useful for me, so thanks! :)

Only thing that could maybe be planned better is what the audience will see. There's zoom functions in OSX that you can utilise in really cool ways (even tho from my front row seat everything was next to perfect :D).

Anonymous at 23:08 on 27 Jan 2013

As others have said, good talk, learned some new tricks. However, about half of the content was too basic (pull requests, emoji). The semi live format worked really really well for the topic, nice use of cowsay, might benefit from some more practice though.

Very good talk, the live code examples are a big benefit to the presentation and makes everything a lot more easy to follow.

Missed the Ninjas!
Was a good refreshment. Well structured. A lot of excellent examples to understand the 'git magic'.
Cli ftw!

I was missing the mention of 'git flow' or other handy tools like 'githubs gitignore repo' or ''.