Make Your Project SOLID!


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nice and clear explanation Toby.

clean and nice explanation, clear and to the point

Anonymous at 11:59 on 26 Jan 2013

Good and clear talk Tobias!

Would be nice to hear some more about how far you should (or not) take your abstractions.

Good talk with great examples. Maybe it was a bit to hard to dig into one or two abstractions but thats my problem. :)

Nice talk, good practical examples. Should get you going with SOLID

Nice talk, easy to follow and with practical examples to boot. I guess I'll have to refactor some code now though (I already had a gut feeling it was bad, just had confirmation during your talk :p).

Liked the talk, learned a bit more.

Nice talk, but kind of reminded me of one I saw last year at the same conference?

I thought this talk was a really well setup and presented talk. I liked the real world examples, and how it was put together. I feel it gave an excellent introduction into a very simple seeming yet complex topic.

If I had to provide critisim, I would only say that I would have liked to see a little more on the connection of the principles. How they all tie together, rather than existing as separate items. I don't think this detracted at all from the talk, but it could potentially improve it slightly. Again, it was a really good talk that I would definitely recommend that every Object Oriented developer should know and understand.

Very good talk about SOLID principles. Enjoyed it.

Anonymous at 16:27 on 28 Jan 2013

Nice talk and very nice presentation style.

Now finally got the chance to see the session. Really liked how went from one principle to the next one with your examples. As Anthony already pointed out seeing how the principles work together would have been great.

Clear and easy to understand session. The given examples really helped understanding the SOLID principle!