Mastering Selenium for automated acceptance tests


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sometimes little hard to understand some words because of the french accent.
But very informativ

Good talk. Really informative. Would have appreciated a little bit more complex example test case demonstration though.

Great talk. Loved the concrete examples of setting up Selenium with Jenkins. This is what I just started investigating for our project. You made my job so much easier :)

Great to get you going with Selenium testing! I only missed some real-life examples.

As indicated during the talk, please feel free to come and talk to me for more bigger real world examples.

Nice intro into selenium testing!

Nice to see how far you can go with Selenium, although I expect most of the examples to be a couple of bridges to far for most users.

I didn't know you could export your macro's to phpunit! That rocks!

nice talk too!

Seeing how to get started with it was on my list for some time, and this talk gave me the info I needed. Thanks!

Good talk although I would have loved to see a little more practical usage since i'm new to Selenium. Some parts really went too deep and technical and could have used a little more in depth information.

Interesting topic, nice to hear the possibilities and tools to use.
But the talk was a bit rushed or chaotic from time to time, which made it hard to keep my focus.

And the second projector screen in the back had a low resolution, so a lot of the examples on screen weren't readable for me. But that's not something you can easily prevent :)