PHP Annotations: They exist!


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Great talk, I didnt know annorations could do all that.

OH THAT we can do with annotations, thx

I like the way you talk and explain stuff! Thought that this talk wouldn't teach me something but I was wrong!

Nice explanation about the current state of annotations in PHP. One small suggestion: maybe inverse your audience questions for more engagement (who does unit testing? instead of who doesn't unit test?).

Interesting comparison with C# and Java similarities, good for (junior) developers with a background in those languages.

I learned quite a few things, such as the difference between comments and docblocks in PHP's parser and the design of objects reading annotations.

great overview of what you can do with annotations. liked that you look at different implementations and options but then pick one to explain in detail.

Annotations well explained, and sorry I have no new jokes for you.

Good presentation, the speaker did his research and clearly knew what he was talking about.

This was presented very well. Didn't knew the dockblock was cached by APC.

Good talk, easy tot listen tot and kept interesting till the very end.

I liked the part on research done on annotations andere was surpitised by the apc caching of Doc block. And it gave me a good insight in being aware when to implement annotations.

Well done!

Good talk about annotations. I also learned more about decision making in the php core community.

Great talk, great subject. Loved it...

Very good job. Especially the boundaries of annotation use cases were interesting for me. I hope some day internals changes it's mind about having this in core.

Good talk, I already knew that there where annotations in php. And as a doctrine user I worked with them. But is was never clear for me when I should use annotations or not. After this talk it is!

Great talk as always. I disagree with your views on annotations and I was not convinced by your arguments, but your presentation was well structured and your case well constructed too. If I had different business needs, your talk would have definitely convinced me to use annotations.

As I am used from Rafael by now, a very good talk. Pretty slides, high-information density, a nice pace and structure. I can only say I really think annotations should not be used for anything else but configuration, but that's an opinion :)

I have never really followed annotations in PHP but Rafael showed how useful it was and how it can be used in projects.

The style and design of the slides/presentation made the information clear and easy to understand. Super easy to follow even for someone like me who had no knowledge of annotations beforehand.

Some pointers: C# = C Sharp not C Hash ; that kept throwing me off the flow of the talk whilst I worked out what you meant.

Double check details just in case you don't have one of every annotation core dev in front of you to check with during the talk - it did make the talk more interesting and dynamic.

Please remember to repeat questions during q&a. For the people at the back it was hard to hear questions from people at the front.

Great talk. Although I'm not a big fan of annotations, Rafael nicely explains what you can do with and why they are useful in some cases. It was also very nice to hear the story about why and how it was refused by the PHP code.