Process any amounts of data. Any time


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Good informative and fun talk. Would have loved to hear on how php interacts with big data containers / storage engines.

Anonymous at 14:43 on 26 Jan 2013

Interesting presentation. Especially the simple code demonstrations attracted my attention. The only downside was the subject not being elaborate enough to fill time.

Good speaker. Beside the low contrast problem, this was a good talk with good examples.

Great talk, simple but good code examples! Pay attention to the contrast of your titles next time.

Great talk, simple examples. Taking it a bit further would be neat though. ie. How would you go about importing lots of related information (preferrably with bi-directional links to make it more interesting :p)? How would you prevent circular references which would start hogging your system when processing large amounts of data?

Regarding the contrast issues mentioned before : all presenters had issues with that on saturday, so I guess it's more likely the projector wasn't that great.

Good talk with lean and clear examples. The presentaion reminds me to take large ammounts of data into account.

Never a dull moment. Calling everybody an idiot really gets their attention ;)

The slide titles were sometimes unreadable. Good speaker that brought us a lot of good protips.

Great talk with nice examples. Next time only think about your color use on the slides. Some texts were unreadable.

Overall very fun and informative talk

Great talk, good examples, interesting topic, great speaker.
And just about everyone who presented in the Combell room had problems with the projector, so no minus point for that.

Entertaining AND Useful. Get planking!

A lot of stuff I didn't know. Interesting talk, clear examples and well brought!

The text on the slides wasn't very readable at times, but projectors are horrible ( despite the fact that they are useful )

Anonymous at 17:29 on 27 Jan 2013

Entertaining and useful talk with some helpful tips that i can definitely use.

Anonymous at 23:12 on 27 Jan 2013

Great talk, certainly some good tips. I think the talk would benefit from more depth, at times it felt like it was reaching for a "bigger" tone that perhaps wasn't the best for the whole subject matter. The slide contrast was certainly an issue. However, Joe's delivery was clean, he spoke well and knew his topic. A little more work and this could be a killer talk.

Good theoretical talk, lighthearted and informative with a few good practical tips.

Good presentation with some good insights in big data processing. One side note: please talk a bit slower to bring more calmness into your presentation.

Nice and broad overview of problems and solutions while working with big data

I enjoyed the talk, the clear code examples showed a good reference to before/after scenarios.

I'm sure you already know this, but you speak very quickly - it may be usefull to breath once in a while in between slides. :-)

I'd love to see a follow-up talk with more code examples and perhaps some benchmarking (file_get_contents() vs. fread() in memory/CPU consumption).

Great speaker, he knows what he is talking about.
Keep the humor! :)

Great speaker, he knows what he is talking about.
Keep the humor! :)

Anonymous at 16:27 on 28 Jan 2013

We're all idiots, great talk indeed

Really liked the exampled that covered things people use on a day to day basis without thinking about performance.

I would have loved to hear more details about PHP5.5's generators and dropping another example instead.

I really enjoyed this presentation. You started off with easy examples and got into more complex stuff later; you could have gone even further as to my taste. But now I finally understand what 'yield' is good for ;) So, even if we all somehow know most of the challenges you pointed out, still a good reminder what pitfalls to look out for.

Nice talk, great speaker.
Nice hints on how simple things can make such a big difference.

Great talk with comprehensive code examples. Really enjoyed it.