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Awesome social, would social again.

The only complaint I heard was that there where /ONLY/ 3 bowling lanes. You know, next to the xbox's, belgium fries, free beer, lounge area's ...

I think we might be getting a bit spoiled.

Very nice social as usual. Too bad about the bowling lanes but we had a lot of fun nonetheless :)

Bowling and free beer, what else could you wish for?

Bowling, best fries ever, drinks, video games, fun what else?

I had lots of fun, especially bowling with our guys from Ibuildings, Enrise and Enbuildrise. At least that is what I remember... :-)

Awesome social. Beer/fries/bowling

Nothing to add

pleasant evening, well orchestrated

Great event! I've met a lot of interesting people, had nice talks, drank tasteful beer, ate delicious fries.
I've had a very good time!

Not only was there free beer, there was tasty BELGIAN free beer. Combine that with belgian fries and perfect people and you have a winning concept in my eyes! Thanks :-)

Most interesting part of any conference. Not because of the beer and fries (although it helps) but because it is a unique chance to speak to all kinds of developers from all kinds of backgrounds. Kudo's for the organisation to facilitate this!

The lack of enough bowling alleys was a disappointment, but aside from that, I had a great lot of fun. Beer, food, lots of nice people, great atmosphere. Love it.

Anonymous at 16:25 on 28 Jan 2013

Best. social. ever.
Great work guys!

Anonymous at 17:05 on 29 Jan 2013