Testable Code


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Nice presentation and introduction to the concepts and benefits of unit testing. The idea of pairing up for the hacking session was good, but also difficult as each developer has his own set of tools, configurations, keyboard layouts etc...

In all, a great talk and some interesting concepts to improve on

Anonymous at 21:06 on 25 Jan 2013

Really enjoyed this tutorial. Can't wait to start testing...

Anonymous at 13:13 on 26 Jan 2013

Good introduction to the subject however at the end felt too short. Pairing was good way to try out testing in action.

Eye opener to write better code and easier testing. Loved the teaching style.

Great tutorial, liked the hacking session, it really gave insight into TTD and the way of thinking you'll need for that.

Great session for beginners.
The pairing was great too, I learned some new things from my pairing partner.

Very solid (no pun intended :D) workshop on improving your code to make it more testable. Too bad it was really too short, I wouldn't have minded to continue hacking on a testable tic-tac-toe game in the afternoon to get that little extra.

Anonymous at 09:35 on 28 Jan 2013

Very interesting session. I never got around to writing tests or to research them in any way. This session provided clear info about the different types of testing (unit, integration, regression, ...) and had a small intro into TDD. Overall very high quality session, only too short :(

Good introduction to the how-to and advantages of unit testing with PHPUnit for newbees as myself (and it seemed most other attendees as well). The theoretical introduction was great and very instructive. The hacking session started a bit chaotic as some people (myself included) started thinking more about how to implement the exercise, rather than the actual unit testing itself. However this was compounded by the limited time available to get up and running with the code. But overall a very positive learning experience.