Continuous Integration in PHP


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Great workshop from Keith. It was detailed, in-depth from start to finish. Despite the minor dependency mishaps everything went fluid and it was easy to follow.

He didn't rush through the workshop which gave us enough time to keep up. The fact that he used a real project as an example was great and gave us a good sense of what kind of numbers we can expect.

The workshop worked out for beginners as well as intermediates from my point of view.

And let's not forget the upbeat way of presenting.

I really liked this workshop, I know more about jenkins now than when I walked in. I'll definitely put into practice CI, it's been on my TODO list for way to long and now I just have no excuses left ;)

Anonymous at 16:36 on 24 Jan 2014

Great talk, easy to follow!

Great workshop to get to know CI and Jenkins. Covered all the basics and then some.

We lost some time with installing plugins etc (Keith immediately updated slides though). For a future workshop, it might be interesting to have a more automated flow of installing Jenkins for everyone, smth like a vagrant script maybe? ;)

@Annelies - Posted, check out the link just after the talk description above.

Great workshop. We got some great plugins to play around with. I especially liked the overview of code metrics and the way you should approach them.

Anonymous at 19:08 on 29 Jan 2014

Interesting! All about jenkins, plugins, deployments, cs, mess detector, ...