Docker, contain him, he his fast !


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Docker looks interesting and you can see Joel is very passionate about it. Unfortunately English seemed to be a bit of a hindrance to really make this a good presentation

Was really looking forward to this talk, but was a bit disappointed. The talk was difficult to follow because of the French-English. The speaker has a lot of knowledge of this particular topic, but failed a bit in delivering it to the attenders. Nevertheless I certainly gonna take a look at Docker. The Travis demo was cool enough.

in general i think the talk wa very well structured, personally i would have left out most of the history, and would have showed more what it can do. ingeneral i was missing the complete picture a bit because docker is alot more than just somthing to isolate apps and libraries.

the english was indeed a problem but i dont think that is a valid reason to downrate the talk

Anonymous at 16:49 on 26 Jan 2014

This is a whole new topic for me and was hoping to get more info on it. At the moment I can't comment on the content as I had trouble understanding what was said due to the strong accent.

I don't doubt your knowledge on the subject. Based on my experience, the only feedback I give you is to exercise British/American English with the focus on pronunciation.

The content was nice but it was super hard to keep up with your English.

It was one of topics that I wanted to learn more about. I knew what was Docker (idea behind it) like most likely pretty much everyone who attended. And i was hoping for more examples on real life application. Like when you demonstrated two different PHP versions. That was really good! If you could incorporate similar demonstrations, then this would be great talk. Something like "I will show you how from ground up you can launch php hello world in Docker".

I liked the practical examples, but would have liked it more if for instance you explained how the joliCi thing worked, rather than just telling us it's on github.