JavaScript/HTML5 Communication APIs


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The way Christian performs this talk is almost the stand up comedy equivalent of nerdcore ;) Very entertaining and informative; saw some cool things I didn't know existed until now. The talk itself was well structured, and the live coding of proof-of-concept snippets was fun. Enjoyed this very much.

Anonymous at 17:13 on 24 Jan 2014

Very well structured. Also agreed that it was delivered very humorously. Well done.

Excellent talk, we'll prepared, informational and entertaining

I simply agree with all of the above. Quite weird to learn about javascript cross domain possibilities that do exist since 1995.

Well prepared and brought in a very entertaining way.

I didn't find it that much entertaining, rather painful actually that all of these techniques suffer from lack of adoption by programs many people still think of as browsers. Luckily decent browsers do support them and good to know that the best choice of the moment are Websockets. This is what I was hoping for, because I always go to talks about html5 webserver connectivity and was dissapointed in the past that there was not enough support for them. So thank you!

I also agree that the live coding was great. One big ouch: I think I violated this 'sop' in a recent script, because it seemed to work, but then I didn't need the data coming back, I just needed the data being processed on the receiving end. Not sure if my solution works in all so-called browsers now, so another thing on my todo list :-)

Well presented, with a couple of laughs and learned some new things. Four of five stars for me :)

Entertaining and funny talk about old and new technologies that, for the most, I didn't know about of or never worked with. So left this talk with new knowledge and a smile on my face. Thank you

Great talk. Very well prepared and delivered.

At certain points the talk sounded more like a rant, which was kind of recognizable. Learned a lot about the available options and their limitations. Liked this one a lot :)

Great and entertaining talk!