Keep an eye on your app with logging and graphs


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Nice talk and logstash/statsd overview, but maybe a bit short, some more examples (esp. in the log part) would've been nice

Anonymous at 18:20 on 24 Jan 2014

Nice and interesting talk, learned a few about logging and graphs tools.

Informative, although not entirely mind blowing or very entertaining

interesting nice set of items covered

Very interesting talk, too bad we didn't get some live examples.

Good talk, although most screenshots were taken from the logstash site. Could be a bit more in depth, but overall the talk was ok.

Good talk with good content, it could have been a bit more upbeat. Overall, well done!

Interesting topic and brought on a clear way. Tips for the next time: try speak a bit loader and with more enthusiasm. Try to incorporate more practical examples from you're own experience and architecture.

Clear and interesting talk

Anonymous at 09:33 on 27 Jan 2014

Cool, practical talk. Explained a number of components very well. Talk could have used more enthusiasm but considering the time zone difference, very understandable. Wouldn't mind seeing some "bigger" examples but overall, one of the most useful talks at the conference.

This was one of the talks I learned a lot of. I can directly put this in practice. As said: it could've used some more examples, but apart from that it was a good talk.

A nice and practical talk. Well brought by Felix. Since I knew Logstash, it was a bit disappointing that the example came straight from the manual. I would have liked to see how you guys use it at your company. The information about statsd and friends was new for me and very interesting.