Moving Away from Legacy code with BDD


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The talk was more about "BDD" than "Moving Away From Legacy Code With", which I personally didn't mind.

The introduction to BDD was very good. Clear overview of all the benefits, how you would implement it...

A very interesting talk for devs who complain about managers and their features, in my opinion.

A lot of information in short period of time, but a great talk.

Love the idea and want to try it asap on older projects.

Anonymous at 13:29 on 25 Jan 2014

A bit dammage that we don't speak enought about legacy but very intresting

Very nice introductory talk in BDD accompanied by a nice and clear presentation.

We techies tend to forget about the business perspective. This was useful. Nice one!

I was really looking forward to this talk and it really lived up to my expectations. Great content, well spoken and a lot of take aways for us to implement back home.

Interesting topic, well presented. Looks like Behat is really awesome.

Very good introduction to BDD! Well brought.

Hope to see this new way of thinking in all future projects, so I can tell my colleagues to: Keep calm and follow the BDD pipeline!

A bit naive in the "move away from legacy code" bit, but a talk that made sense throughout. Very interesting stuff.