O(ops), Authentication!


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Great conference!

Sf rules ;)

Good content and good speaker. "Remember when I told you I wouldn't talk about Symfony? I lied ..." Haha, nice one :)

Had expected some more different examples (e.g. WSSE) but nonetheless the talk was interesting enough. Have been playing with FOSOAuthBundle in the past, but wasn't aware of the standalone OAuth component. Speaker skills and sheets were fine too.

very i teresting talk, nice it was framework independent.

Anonymous at 09:58 on 27 Jan 2014

Unfortunately I missed this talk due to attenting a parallel talk. WIll you post the slides?

I liked the talk, nice introduction on Authentication and the different options out there.
Would have liked if you shortly explained some of the differences between OAuth1 and OAuth2, because of all the discussions about it out there.

Great overview of things. This talk will help me to figure out what sort of auth's to use in my own APIs. Thanks!

Good talk overall. Just like Willem-Jan said: it would've been nice to see the differences between OAuth1 and OAuth2 and which to choose in what situation.

Thanks for the feedback so far!

Several people have mentioned the missing OAuth1/2 comparison. I've left that out on purpose, both for timing reasons and to not further complicate the OAuth2 explanations. Since so many people asked, I will consider adding a few slides for the next iteration of this talk :)

I've also added the slides, see the link in the talk description.