Social human architecture for beginners


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Anonymous at 16:20 on 25 Jan 2014

It was a great talk! Great topic, and very insightful! Glad that I chose this topic instead of the others.

Good content, I'm now waiting for the bookshelf to buy ;)
I would like more every-day illustrations like the "tab WTF committer"
Personally, it would be nice if the presentation flow was bit faster

I enjoyed the talk, I felt it was a little dry in places but overall took a lot from a good topic.

Anonymous at 17:02 on 25 Jan 2014

Added some new books to my wish list after this one. Gives a different perspective to our daily non-programming relations.

Anonymous at 22:44 on 25 Jan 2014

Inspiring talk!

It was a good talk on working with teams and how to keep everyone motivated.

I can see a few things my boss applies 'correctly', so I'm happy about that.

I was very positively surprised to see the topic introvert vs extrovert mentioned. I'm mostly an introverted person and this can sometimes be a very lonely place when surrounded by people who seem to be all extroverts. This hopefully enables people to appreciate introverts as well.

Great talk and helpful in dealing with other devs.

Nice talk about very interesting topic. Really got me thinking that I need to look more into this kind of thing.

Slides had some funny pictures, but otherwise could be improved a little and also the pace was a little slow at times. But overall a good talk.

I'm happy that soft skill topics also get attention at technical conferences. This one was worth my time, I noted down a couple of topics to explore further.

Fantastic subject and presentation. I lost my attention somewhere during the last part of the middle section, but found it during the last section again.

I especially enjoyed your calm and collected style of presentation.

I really liked this talk! Interesting topic!