Using Unicode with PHP


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A "boring" subject presented in a great way, including best practices to make your life easier

Highly informative, especially liked the do's and don'ts.

Very informative. Great speaker.

Excellent notes on the extensions with great do/not/should/must, if you want unicode support in your apps :)

Anonymous at 14:16 on 26 Jan 2014

I really didn't know about the filter_var() issues! great talk, with a very good and in-depth overview of known problems and solutions of unicode in php

Didn't expect much of this talk but it was surprisingly interesting. Learned a lot.

Well spoken, clear presentation. Thank you.

This was one of the talks I had no expectations about, but I really enjoyed it. Unicode seems like a boring topic, bit I wasn't bored at all during the talk. Learned a lot. Also thumbs up for the speaking skills.

thanks for telling us that we are doing it all wrong ;-) . you definatly know what you are doing and know how to present and explain things well.

i had some annoyance with the fact that a lot of sentences were followed with 'right?' maybe it was so because it caught my attention and kept on coming back

A great talk with something for both beginners and intermediate devs. Great style and near perfect presentation performance.

Very good content, perfect delivery!

Interesting how the hand-raising became scarier over time (should I confess or not :p)

As told you in person, this was one of talks that I did not expected much of. Because we all know and use Unicode, right? However not only I enjoyed it, but also learned several things. Thanks!

Great overview on what works on which version of PHP (and why!) and what doesn't.

Very clear and usefull talk. By far the only talk that has actually tought me this much in order to overcome unicode/utf-8 problems when dealing with PHP and MySQL.

I always like explanations that start with the basic details, very satisfactory talk. Thanks!

I always like explanations that start with the basic details, very satisfactory talk. Thanks!

Started with basic details, went more complex and explained the support in different PHP versions. Amazingly well done with information that sticks. Certainly one of the best talks I saw at the conference: Thank you! :)