Debugging: past, present and future


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Live demo! With live errors! Good talk.

An error in the demo lead us down the path of debugging the debugger. Always pleasant to hear Derick talk about things he's working on.

Derick is a class speaker. Enjoyed his talk as usual.

Well brought. Love the fact that I am not the only one having connection problems.

Excellent talk with well put excursions in the lower level PHP world without getting too boring or too detailed. I'm very much looking forward to some of the announced features.

covering the debugging possibilities and giving nice background on things.
with live demo triggering display of some very interesting features.

Always impressed by how much behind the scenes work goes into debugging. Presenter was good to explain the concepts and walk us through the tools.

Good talk.

Very good talk. loved the live debug of Xdebug :)

Well done, great talk. I love live demos with stuff that doesn't work and then show how to fix it.

Nice talk with very good demos. Time to teach my collegues :-)

Very nice talk and specially because of the demo's