Decorating Applications with Stack


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Good overview of the general idea behind Stack as well as the ecosystem around Stack.

Nice insights in Stack and iets origins.

Nice presentation of this NOT library, NOT framework, convention based on HKI ;)
A bit unsure about how I could use it in my current projects, but still worth knowing it.
+1 for discovering the next big PHP framework

I've used Stack in production, but still this talk was informative enough :)

Great talk. I wonder how, when and which projects we will implement the Stack middlewares.

Very good speaker!

Good solid intro of the reasoning behind Stack and how wonderfully simple some things can be when using it.
Wish I'd known of it earlier.
I liked the explanation of the httpKernelInterface; it has given me some ideas for writing my own middleware.

Haven't used Stack myself yet, so this talk learned me some things. Cool stuff I'll probably gonna use sooner or later.

Presentation was good too.

Excellent talk of an interesting subject. I really like the idea behind stack and the usage of middleware for http requests/responses, something you more in other languages.

It did feel like it wasn't really mature and I as surprised to heard it probably doesn't have a bright future (due to PSR-7). But the idea of using middleware (for other area's) is inspiring!

Good informative talk about Slack.
I have used already in a project in the past, but it is always useful to have more information about it.
I liked a lot the fluency of the talk.