PHP Performance Tuning: Prepare for Ludicrous Speed!


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Quite good overview of Xhprof and Xhgui. The pace was perfect, and the hands on approach with WordPress is really cool!

Nice dive into xhprof and xhgui. Didn't fully met the expectations, I was hoping on some more tips and tricks based on experience to optimize the performance

An hour was a bit too short for covering all of this, but sure did get a good idea of xhprof and xhgui. Thanks!

Nice presentation fo xhprof and xhgui.
I was also expecting more "lessons learned" and more actionable tips.

I think most of the people above mentioned it already: Good overview, some pointers on how to get the max out of it would have been nice.

Clear and nice approach how to use tools like xhprof to improve things in an easy and simple way.

It made it very clear you can improve things with very little effort.

Great talk with a nice demo

Very useful talk for me, installed the tools and experimented based on Davey's talk and it paid off!

Great to see the Xhgui! In the past I experimented with Xhprof, buts it's still hard to recognize the valuable data that comes from Xhprof. Will test it soon with the Xhgui hoping for more results.

Good talk about XHPOF and Xhgui. Inspired me to do more with these tools.

A clear demo of xhgui with some good examples.
You can't really go in-depth in such a short amount of time.
Overall I got a good overview of the tools.

Great talk to have people realise how easy it is to monitor performance and find your bottlenecks.

Testing xhprof right now. Nice talk and concepts.

Good talk, well presented. However I expected more general tips. It was more of a how to use xhprof to tune performance.

Nice to see these tools demonstrated. Looks very promising. The only downside is that regarding the title, I expected a little more focus on really "tuning performance" instead of "performance profiling" and finding bottlenecks. Unexpected but still very insightful.

I got a lot of benefit out of this talk, because for some reason (I know, I know) I'd never looked at profilers before, so seeing the power that's available was very useful to me, as well as being able to see the gains it can bring. The installation instructions were also very useful, I didn't get the chance to note them down, but having the slides to reference will be very good.

One thing I have to say though, from the title of the talk I'd expected to see some lower-level optimisations in the settings of PHP, or some potential quick-wins with things along those lines. Despite that though, I still got a lot out of the talk, and I'll be a looking to add profilers to the projects I work now to help both solve bugs and optimise my code.

Either way, still a brilliant talk!