Raffles & Closing Remarks


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The raffles went a lot better than the PHPBenelux Conference 2014! It was great to thank the sponsors, speakers and of course all the audience. Personality I didn't like the magic show, the start was messy and the act was a bit disappointing.

An organized and quick raffle, sponsors were properly thanked and got the attention they deserved, magic show was very cheesy.

It was a shame the movie crashed at a certain point, and the magic show didn't really match with the audience IMHO. Maybe if it where of drastically higher quality, or more of a humor/comedy style, it would have been a lot better.

That aside, the presentation was well in order, the sponsors were appropriately thanked, and the raffle was smooth!

I can't compare this to last year (I wasn't there) but the closing remarks went smooth, nice pace. For me personally the show could have ended right there. Maybe it was because I was in the front row, but the magic show only had 2 tricks that I as a noob couldn't figure out on the spot. It didn't add anything for me. On the bright side, I didn't feel like this was needed either. The day already was packed with awesomness, as was the day before.

Raffle went smooth this time, YAY! :D

the raffles were great, and the magic audience clapping trick was the best act!