Scaling Applications with RabbitMQ


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It was just the best talk I have seen that day and a great introduction to RabbitMQ!


Sense of humor and the ability to explain clearly what is going on. Definitely going to try this sometime.

Very funny talk from a "sick" presenter ;)
Being familiar with RabbitMQ I was hopping for more hands-on pattern to scale your php applications and how to bypass the lack of decent multi-threading with queuing architecture.
For exemple how do you build something like Gearman with RabbitMQ & PHP when you need to run "long" background jobs.

Talk was funny, and for me as a complete newbie, visualizing it was good for understanding.

An excellent talk on RabbitMQ

Thanks for the beer! :-)
Insightful talk, I loved it.

Good sense of humor, nice simulator to support the talk

Good one of the best talks about the day. One nitpicks was that I maybe wanted to see more hands-on examples.

This was a talk that was enjoyable mainly because of Alvaro's energy and obvious comfort of being on stage. As often I would have liked to have heard about experts reasons for using RabbitMQ or the problems they've ran into during implementation.

Good speaker with good content, at the moment we are exploring the possibilities to implement RabbitMQ. So we played a lot with the RabbitMQ Simulator. It was an very recognizable tools for use and I personality think a great way to explain the functionalities of RabbitMQ.

Excellent introduction to RabbitMQ, primarily aimed at newbies. Made well use of the RabbitMQ simulator ( to explain the core concepts of exchanges, queues and routing. All brought to the audience with the exact dose of humour.

Very entertaining presenter with well organized topic.

Misleading title, this is really just an introduction to RabbitMQ. Very entertaining though!

I loved the simulator, it was a great help in understanding the infrastructure of RabbitMQ.

I'm already using RabbitMQ quite some time, so most of the things were familiar for me. It was very entertaining to see the autor of the Symfony2 bundle and php library in real life.

Good speaker skills, some fun stuff, very well introduction into RabbitMq.

Last time I saw his talk was 4-5 years ago without the simulator. I must say that the simulator makes the difference in understanding how it works. Although I didn't learn anything new it was pleasure to watch your talk again. And thanks for the beer ;)

A very nice talk with a correct pace and sense of humor. I really liked the simulator, that really added a lot to grasp the concepts.