The future of PHP


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An enthusiastic look at PHP7 and Hack, particularly focusing on those aspects of Hack that Sara feels may become a part of PHP7, evn if not as part of the first release.

Anonymous at 17:18 on 24 Jan 2015

Best talk ever.

Brought like you own it! Well done!

Superb as usual. Thanks Sara.

Great talk! I don't know which presentation/conference, but i recognized a lot of the hack examples. It was great to follow-up this examples. it's always pretty to listen to the "shy" but happy presenting Sara. It's good to see the highlight of PHP 7. And of course the note of the presentation: Didn't you upgrade yet to php 5.5 of php 5.6? Please, if you can, do it as soon as possible because the end of 2015 the expect PHP 7 already.

Maybe a bit to much accent on Hack, but given the speaker background, perfectly understandable. New features and structures were well explained.

Best talk of conference. I really enjoy when Sara is on stage. She succeeded in get me interested again in hhvm (and Hack more specifically, really love the cool stuff in it)

The future is bright because of the competition and the renewed drive in the core php development. thanks for that.

Great talk about what's coming up.

Excellent story, very well brought. I really enjoyed the look at HHVM/Hack and its incredible development tools (Hackifier, wow!) and I love Hack for pushing PHP to innovate. Incredible to see the presenter's love for PHP, even though she works on HHVM.

Easily one of the best talks of the conference!

It was great for my because I'm really interested in seeing PHP evolve as I learned programming in C, C++ the things I found so great about these languages are being briught to PHP. And overall it was nice.

Sara is always entertaining and so very awesome. Loved the bait & switch ;)

Best talk of the conference. I'm going to invest some time in HHVM and Hack because of this talk.

As usual, Sara was great :D
I really enjoyed this enthusiastic talk.
Great to see a bright future PHP7, which hum looks more and more like Java... #convergence

Good overview about what will come in PHP 7.

The single best things about this presentation for me was the emphasis that was put on PHP as a language rather than a single implementation. The little jokes here and there were perfectly timed and very enjoyable. The angle, form a historical point of view, was very suitable for the topic.