The Hardened Application: Testing Principles from OWASP


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I really liked this talk, the subject is difficult, but presented very good

Great talk, maybe some more real life examples would spice up this, rather unfortunate topic to convey, it tends to be a little dry.
But thank you for the insights.

Yes, quite a hard topic to present. I've seen a similar presentation from a security company. The guy gave a demo alongside the principes. Of course he didn't treat as much topics as this presentation, but maybe that can spice it up a little.
It is a very important topic, so the more people get motivated to dive deeper into it, the better :)

Tough topic, a bit hard to swallow at once, but that is security for you. Speaker coped with topic very well.

Chris' talk was a great reminder that there's a lot more to just shipping an application in a timely fashion and made me want to look at the OWASP guides again. Also, Chris has a very pleasant voice, so I believe he could talk about anything and still make for a very, very good presentation.

I expected a little more actual examples of things gone wrong and little less listings of different types of possible threads. Learned most of the questions and tools demonstrated at the end.

Besides that I enjoyed the talk. Speaker does know what he is talking about.

Anonymous at 21:37 on 25 Jan 2015

Presented very well, unbelievably good public speaking voice.
Though the subject matter is a bit dry.

I would opt for another talk with just penetration testing demos for some vulnerabilities in the OWASP list, instead of cramming some of them into this talk to spice it up.
Nevertheless demos would really make the threats come alive IMHO.

Presented really well, enjoyed every slide of it! Learned new things and went home wanting to learn more about the subject.