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Srdjan Vranac at 15:04 on 29 Jan 2016

Second time I see Cal doing this talk, and I think it is even better than the first time.

Sometimes I come with high expectations and the real thing can not actually live up to that expectations. This is mostly my problem, because my expectations are extremely high. The thing with Cal is: It does not really matter how high my expectations are, he will always exceed them.

In this talk, Cal shares many (really!) personal stories, and there's so much that I can recognize. It's really good to hear these stories, and they're filled with important lessons. Thank you Cal.

Mihail Irintchev at 15:36 on 29 Jan 2016

My third time watching this talk - it is always as fun and as inspiring! Thank you, Cal, for the all the positive energy!!!

Van Belle Jonathan (Grummfy) at 16:53 on 29 Jan 2016

thanks, inspirating

Bart Reunes at 17:04 on 29 Jan 2016

Inspiring talk!

Toon Verwerft at 17:28 on 29 Jan 2016

Very nice talk!

Lucas Aerbeydt at 17:30 on 29 Jan 2016

As the others said, nice opening keynote


Tijs Verkoyen at 21:55 on 29 Jan 2016

Very nice talk!

Robert Broen at 23:56 on 29 Jan 2016

You got it right.

Hans Stevens at 09:01 on 30 Jan 2016


Great talk and very inspiring.

Anonymous at 11:38 on 30 Jan 2016

Talk was realy inspiring!

Gary Hockin at 12:21 on 30 Jan 2016

Every time I see Cal speak I walk away inspired, this was no exception.

Stefan van Essen at 12:21 on 30 Jan 2016

Great opening of the Phpbenelux, if there is one thing I took away from it it's that we should work in teams and with the help of the community instead of winning the fight alone :-)

Mark Baker at 14:28 on 30 Jan 2016

The message simple, the presentation compelling - community matters because it helps us achieve what we as individuals cannot do on our own; yet community is made up of individuals like us. Great start to pump everybody up for the conference.

Very nice personal talk, with some moving talk about rolemodels.
It takes a great man to open himself up to so many strangers, very brave!!!

That said, it was pretty much the default keynote talk that can be summarized in "community is great, be a part of it". There was not that much in the talk to differentiate from that.
It is however a message worth repeating.

Peter Nijssen at 23:15 on 30 Jan 2016

Impressive keynote. Thanks!

Very inspiring and engaging.

Seems like every conference has a opening (or closing) keynote about the community. I do agree with the message, but it doesn't teach me anything anymore. It would be nice to see something else for a change.

The presentation of this topic was very good, though. Brave to talk about his recently deceased dad.

Very inspirational and motinvational talk thanks!

great and inspiring opening of the conference, did not expect anything less from you!

This was absolutely an inspiring keynote. And as a son with similar pride of his dad that part was absolutely moving. A brave thing to do in front of an audience.
(I would also have loved to hear more about Red Adaire though).

I rate four because the impact on me personally was a little below CodeRabbi's keynote last year, and Eamon Leonard at DPC in 2013 - but maybe I should be able to mark some "exceptional" so I can hand out five stars :-)

Top class opening of the conference!

Caspar at 16:50 on 31 Jan 2016

Keynote-worthy, very inspiring and fun talk to see!

Tom Cannaerts at 20:08 on 31 Jan 2016

Good keynote, but maybe a bit to long for my taste

Miro Svrtan at 23:37 on 31 Jan 2016

School example of a great keynote talk. Overviewing where we are, where we can be and motivating us to move in that direction.

Thank you Cal!

Great keynote!

First of all, I love the organizer's choice for this talk to be keynote. The well-delivered talk really hit the right tone of voice for setting the conference atmosphere. Even though -nearly- everyone in the audience already knew that community is an important part of a dev's job, otherwise they wouldn't be there, the way Cal talked about community really showed there's even more to it.

If you organize a conference or meetup and you can have Cal give this talk, do so!

Interesting talk, but for me it didn't really click.

I completely understand the power of community and understood the message of Cal. However the tweetables felt cheesy to me, I missed the overall structure and some sense of direction. This doesn't mean it's a bad talk, just that I didn't enjoy it as much.

Jimmy Comack at 10:09 on 1 Feb 2016

First time I've seen Cal talk and at first I wasn't sure what to expect, besides that it had to be good because it's Cal Evans we're talking about here.

I was not disappointed.

The personal story at the start of the talk threw me a bit off guard, but it was a nice bit of information to understand the motivation behind Cal's push for a stronger community.

Peter Slagter at 11:48 on 1 Feb 2016

Cal is very easy to listen to and seems to be very comfortable on stage. He's a good story teller, resulting in a good fit for the keynote slot in the schedule.

The message of the talk was that people get done more together than alone and that communities are therefore the most important facilitator of growth and innovation. The talk was a bit too lengthy for me (for this message alone), so that makes 4 out of 5 stars.

Jeroen Boersma at 12:18 on 1 Feb 2016

A very inspirational talk, it was my first time I saw Cal on stage.

As a co-organizer of our local PHP community it was nice to get some first hand experience from one who already knows all about it.

Martin V at 12:38 on 1 Feb 2016

Nothing to add more! Well done.

Remco at 13:50 on 1 Feb 2016

Inspiring and motivational talk

F at 22:16 on 1 Feb 2016

Wow. If this doesn't leave you inspired, I don't know what will. Excellent stories, solid message and outstanding delivery, always a pleasure to listen to Cal. Thanks!

Danny Terwindt at 12:29 on 2 Feb 2016

A nice story that inspires to contribute to a community

James Titcumb at 12:15 on 3 Feb 2016

Perfect; community, community, community! :)

Awesome as always. Thanks Cal for sharing these stories!

Roy van Geel at 21:31 on 4 Feb 2016

Compliments to Cal, great opening keynote. Personally, I think it was one of the best talks of the conference.

Robert Basic at 08:22 on 5 Feb 2016

Inspiring, well presented talk.

Scato Eggen at 10:21 on 5 Feb 2016

Entertaining talk. I'm not a great contributor, but this talk me realise how much I enjoy little things like reporting a bug or doing a small pull request.

The talk itself wasn't bad, maybe a bit too "american" for my taste. But it wasn't great either: The subject is one that's kind of a theme among keynotes the last year (or 2), and kind of plainly presented if I compare it to others. Though I fully agree with the message, I wasn't as inspired as I think I should have been.