Puli: PHP's Next Package Revolution


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Lucas Aerbeydt at 17:38 on 29 Jan 2016

It started out as more of a documentation overview, a bit more practical examples would''ve been nice in this part. The future of Puli looks very interesting though, when it stabilises it will make library/module development a lot more convenient :)

Interesting concept, definitely has a place in the php ecosystem. Hope you get some traction amongst the big projects.

Regarding the talk, for me it was still quite abstract although you gave some examples. Maybe it's also because Puli tries to solve multiple (related) problems. You could try to separate those in different sections in the presentation?

Good luck with the project!

Tijs Verkoyen at 21:50 on 29 Jan 2016

I really hope some major Framework/CMS/... adopts Puli, as I think it will be the only way to make it a success.

The talk was a nice overview of the features. The only thing I missed was a real life example.

Hans Stevens at 09:02 on 30 Jan 2016

great talk, as always

Good introduction to Puli but I missed some examples how to use it in 'the real world'.

I heard about Puli a few times, but never really understood what the idea behind it was. In this talk Bernhard explained the concept very well, it was really interesting.
It was a little bit dry, so maybe something could be done with the storyline, have 1 example throughout the whole talk.

Because I haven't got much Symfony experience, some parts were hard for me to follow.

I had seen the slides but with the talk it helped me wiring all the things together.
I have been playing around with Puli and i certainly will adopt it in future projects :)

Mike Simonson at 13:42 on 5 Feb 2016

Very nice and informative talk. I am excited about all the new possibilities that it will bring.