Get up, stand up


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Very nice lighting talk, already gave you some advise about removing the animated slide (or only show it for a short period of time and don't leave it on the screen). Also great stuff to start a discussion after ;)

Caspar at 16:39 on 31 Jan 2016

Interesting talk. Length was great for this :) Had some very interesting tips and the discussion afterwards also gave some good insights on how we can improve our stand up.

Nice sit-down talk, very informative. I picked a few things from it which I already try to improve in our SCRUM team ("I don't care which meetings you had"-thing).
The animated gif was fun, for 5 secs ;-)

Scato Eggen at 10:28 on 5 Feb 2016

Entertaining talk with a fair number of valid points.

Too short for a real conference track. I'm very curious if there is a way to add more depth.

I like cats.