Level up your team


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Great, engaging talk with lots of usefull techniques for having a better team. I especially liked code kata, it brought back to my memory all those painfull nights at the college when I was trying to get below a time treshold solving an issue on the system they had (they still do btw on www.spoj.com if anybody is interested, I remember there was a question about an example url). I'm definitely going back to solving those ;) I also liked that you pinpointed the fact that every day without learning is a day going more behind. It's a harsh truth and made me take a different look at my everyday priorities.

Great talk on an important subject! Inspiring!

Miro Svrtan at 00:01 on 1 Feb 2016

Very good talk, giving us ideas on how to become not only better leaders and developers but talking from his own experience with concrete examples & implementations.

I would like to see this list of ideas in a similar list way as Joel's test is -> http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/fog0000000043.html . This could be a great benchmark to show us were we are, where other are when we are looking for new developers or thinking of joining a team.

Inspiring talk! A bit "WeCamp"-ish ;-)

Good talk. Left the room inspired to 'level up my team'.

Will definitely start using some more of the concepts talked about. Nice to hear my team is already on the right track and get some ideas for improvement.

Depending on the audience (management vs developers), maybe emphasise the fact that is should be a two way street. While this was mentioned, some more depth there would have been nice. For example, as a 'just a developer' i would have liked some tips on how to instigate the changes necessary from both management, fellow team members and myself so that the change is lasting. Or how to ensure everyone is (and stays) on board.

Robert Basic at 08:51 on 5 Feb 2016

Best talk of the conference for me, very happy that Stefan decided to rehearse it at the uncon.

Mind you, the talk is not just about leveling up your team, but also about leveling up yourself, which we constantly need to do. Came away with lots of good tips, and very inspired to learn new things.

One remark: at one point the speaker asked: "Who attended a user group meeting?" And then another question right after it, "Who at least heard about a user group in their area?" Feels like the first question should have been "Who never attended a user group meeting?"