It’s no surprise that designers and developers tend to be separate teams. Designers are all about creativity and art; developers are about logic and effectiveness. Yet what we don’t realize is that both of them have one trait in common: to solve problems. Both have to work together to make their product work. Learn how to better communicate with designers through tips and tricks to help you see things from a designer’s perspective, for less headaches & a smarter workflow.


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Nick at 21:32 on 28 Jan 2017

I didn't quite know what to expect of this talk but was pleasantly surprised. Quite a few tools you mentioned, I didn't know about previously. And certainly gave me some food for thought about our current process at work.

Good talk! A lot of practical tips & useful tools were shared. I'll certainly discuss these with our designers.

tamar peled at 23:32 on 28 Jan 2017

Excellent talk ! Interesting points & tools.

Good talk! A lot of interesting tools.

Mathew Hucks at 15:51 on 29 Jan 2017

Great talk! Although it felt a bit too much like an introduction to designing at some parts.
I agreed with the fact that designer and developer should be included at project kick-off but not so much with having a basic knowledge of how designing (as a developer) works. Technology / tool usage advances so fast, you simply can't keep up with both 'departments'.

I think it's better to have some good collaborations tools / communication in place like you suggested.
Thanks for sharing some nice tools + demos!

Muhammed at 22:54 on 29 Jan 2017

Good to understand the universe our collegues are in. The tool part could be less in favorieten of the soft skills part.

You delivered a nice and clean talk, but it lacked some enthusiasm for me.
It felt you were a little nervous to do this, but I can understand, as a designer between all these developers...

I also had the impression that while you were trying to close the gap, you often pointed out the differences.
E.g. it offended me a bit that you called designers creative, but developers not (while imo coding is also sometimes a creative process).
It also felt like you think the developers are responsible for bridging the gap, you might have told your view on what designers should do to also take their responsibility in this relationship...

I wonder if you bring the same message at a design conference? I hope so!
Maybe you need to find a developer to co-host this talk with you, it would bring a so much stronger message.

Emii Khaos at 19:56 on 6 Feb 2017

Thanks for the great overview of all the tools for collaboration and the insights how designers work. Even if we are developers, we should know how other departments work (on the surface).

Especially helpful if you're a freelance developer and searching for a way to work together with other freelance designer in customer projects :D