One of the challenges we face on a day-to-day basis is getting the right and correct information from our product owners or clients. This can be both frustrating and decremental to the velocity of your team. No one likes to work on features that when delivered someone says “well… that wasn’t exactly what I had in mind” But now we have Stickies! So many stickies! It’s a whirlpool of stickies, what is this madness? In this interactive workshop, we will explore all the facets of Event Storming as a modelling technique to get a clear and precise mental model of how a feature is supposed to work, all using the power of stickies! As we go through the user story, we’ll explain the different types of stickies, why they matter, and show why EventStorming is such an effective format.


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Well brought session, great how you both were able to facilitate the session on such short notice when Jeroen fell ill. At the beginning it felt a bit crowded, so making the attendees self organise in small groups to walk the wall was a great improvement! You should definitely do this again at another conference

Well structured and very interactive.
I didn't have any experience with Event Storming before this tutorial. It was a real-life demo of an event storming session in which you could participate. By the end, I had a clear view of what it was all about and could easily see the benefits of this 'technique'.

Srdjan Vranac at 12:02 on 28 Jan 2019

As someone who never experienced an Event Storming session, this was a treasure trove of information.
I understood the ability to see the dynamics, the role of each person present, the role of the facilitator, and to get answers to some questions afterwards that filled some missing pieces and bring me to the "A-HA" moment, was incredibly valuable.
Thank you!

Tim Huijzers at 00:25 on 30 Jan 2019

great tutorial but maybe a bit crowded. did learn a lot of great thinks about the power of the sticky note.

Great workshop! First time experience with Event Storming. Explained very clear