An interesting little technique that deserves some explanation, a bit of training, and lots of fiddling: Value Object design.

In this workshop I’ll introduce you to the concept, and provide you with plenty of exercise material, so you can learn to model domain concepts in a meaningful and useful way with Value Objects.


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Randy Geraads at 12:31 on 25 Jan 2019

Really well-given workshop. I liked the pairing and presenting the code to the room.

Jos Elstgeest at 00:12 on 26 Jan 2019

Well thought out and presented workshop.
Good idea of letting the people present their solutions to the room

The speaker brought up some interesting talks. But the best part was teaming up with someone else, and discussing about how the code could be improved. (Although I am always a little scared of pair programming.)

Great workshop for beginners and people that want to improve their 'legacy' code as well. Pair-programming always pays off and sharing thought processes helps.

Instead of starting from scratch it was a good idea to change an existing application and showing how using Value objects can improve readability.

Steve Winter at 15:08 on 28 Jan 2019

Fantastic workshop - the perfect balance of theory and practice.

I really liked the way the exercise was structured as a refactoring of an existing 'working codebase'.
Good to encourage us to pair programme as well - it can be challenging for some to pair with people they don't know, but it definitely helped us to get more from the workshop.