Traditional software development occurs in phases, where QA, security and other roles act as gatekeepers to production. This leads to silos, delays and doesn’t scale.

So, instead of waiting for a human to decide what is and isn’t valid, learn how to use automation to continuously enforce standards in your software. Let’s turn gatekeepers into build breakers!


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Koen Cornelis at 23:41 on 24 Jan 2020

Very well brought, but a tad less background (which really everyone knows) and a tad more on the actual gatekeepers would have been better.

One tip: add an accessibility gatekeeper ;-) axe-core would be a good candidate.

Steve Winter at 08:12 on 25 Jan 2020

The first half of the talk was more a ‘beginners guide to Agile and why we should do it’, which I think at tech conferences like this we’re well past.

The second half ended up being a series of tools to use... not necessarily a bad thing, just not what I’d expected from the abstract.

Good talk, altough the intro could be a little shorter as that frees up for more in depth time. I really liked the talk, speed a pronunciation. This is one of the talks ill download the presentation later

Interesting talk and a very good and clear speaker. You're able to tell he does this a lot. :-)

Build breakers are one of my favorite things. If was nice to learn how to create more of them and make the existant ones better.

In contrast to others, I liked the intro. Even though there wasn't necessarily anything new in it for me, I think others could really use the refresher or it would be convenient to take the slides to internal people and convince them of "why is this necessary".

As a developer trying to bring CI/CD into the foreground at our company, your insights provided some much needed leverage to use. I agree though that the intro could have been a bit less about the Why, so the talk itself could concentrate more on the How.

A good talk nonetheless and well delivered.

Jarno lasseel at 14:08 on 26 Jan 2020

I really liked this talk, especially the speaker and how he brought it. Very clear, good structured talk
I also think the intro may have been a bit shorter, but I was also taking allot of notes all throughout this talk.
This will definitely help convey the message to do these kinds of things more back in the company and help persuade people better.

Also thank you for speaking up against the people that where talking allot, not all speaker are willing to do this.

Excellent speaker, well presented :) I join the others regarding that there could have been more "how" and less "why".
I still discovered some new tools that I will check out. Thanks!

Well done!

Marco Hein at 21:27 on 27 Jan 2020

Very useful story from unit-tests/stan to CI/CD breakers

I think it was a great talk. In contrast to most others, I liked the intro. I think that even though most of us know about the "Why", it doesn't hurt to repeat in short, so we can internalize it.

What it did for me was mostly nudge me to really consider how i could make our CI/CD pipeline better and think about what other tools we could use. And actually do something with it when I got back to work.