Join us for some food, drinks and good fun. Engage with our sponsors and have a chat with your fellow peers.


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Always good to soacialise

Great food, great social.

It was a bit cold to wait outside, a suggestion would be to add heaters? So we don't have to wait in the cold without a jacket 🙈

Steve Winter at 19:20 on 26 Jan 2020

I get that the fry-mobile on the first night of the conference has become a 'thing' but it's a pretty slow way to get food and damn cold waiting...

Thanks for the drinks!

Daan at 08:35 on 27 Jan 2020

The food carts are a fun way of serving food, but it was too slow and too cold.

One of the best things of PHPBenelux are the socials and the food. This year was , compared to the other years, less good. I could be mistaken, but there were way less people at the conference... Also some sponsor booths were empty or not active ...

That said, I still had an amazing time and met new people which is the point of those socials.

And yes there are long waiting times for the food, reason why I (have to) skip the talk just before so I don't have that problem 🙃

Awesome as always!

Koen Cornelis at 13:58 on 30 Jan 2020

Great as always. Loved the addition of the games :-)

One request: also give veggie snacks with the fries (not just the kaaskroket).