Everybody wants quick applications. A lot of that speed can be gained by the way you write your software, but a big chunk has to do with the way PHP is configured. As PHP matured, it got quicker, it used less memory and it accumulated a lot of settings which can be tuned for performance.

The biggest, and often most misunderstood, features for performance are OPCache (introduced in 5.5) and preloading (introduced in 7.4). This talk covers how both features work, how you can take advantage of them on your servers and during deployments, and tries to show all the ini settings relevant for performance.


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Intresting technically, but a story to tell it is quite missing, making the following of the talk hard times to times

Good overview, but did not went quite as well as I was hoping it would

Steve Winter at 08:06 on 25 Jan 2020

A solid introduction, but it seemed to lack depth - perhaps that’s all there is to know?

Good material! Great explenation. Takes his time. Maybe the intro/fireword could be less.

Interesting talk, it is always nice to hear how the caching and preloading works. I think this will probably handy for me at some point in the future.

For someone who just came in contact with cache issues this was an interesting talk that made me understand where these problems originate and how to solve them.

Solid presentation. Taught me quite a few things I did not know about how the different implementations cache and how one can optimize those.

Cool things!
Learned new stuff about internal caching, opcodes.
A bit dry, lack of a story. But overall great talk

Jarno lasseel at 13:51 on 26 Jan 2020

Interesting talk, and I still learned things about this topic. Most cache options are little known things so it was a good introduction to the general idea.
It indeed felt a little dry, and I was hoping for some practical examples at a certain point in there.
Overall interesting talk

Thijs Feryn at 09:24 on 27 Jan 2020

Excellent talk. The world needs more "ops" & "tuning" talks.

I read the other comments, and I can't deny that storytelling always adds to the experience. However, the technical content was so solid, that the alleged lack of storytelling didn't bother me at all.

Jachim is a quality speaker, I'm sure he'll take all the feedback to heart and turn this into a polished v2. I'd love to see it again then.

But let's not forget that this feedback is here to turn a good talk into an even better talk. By saying this, I'm implying that there's nothing wrong with this talk: it's a solid basis that still has more potential.

Keep doing what you do, Jachim!

Daan at 00:38 on 31 Jan 2020

I've learned the difference between most (may be all) caching techniques. Loved the explanation and screenshots on how it works behind the scenes.

Timo Schinkel at 20:47 on 1 Feb 2020

About the contents: you showed a lot of knowledge an insight into what one can improve, but I was lacking some explanation on finding out _what_ to change and _when_.

About the presentation: keeping your hands in your pocket is not a pose that radiates (positive) energy. I would try to change that.