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Although Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, PHPBenelux hasn't organized a usergroup meeting there yet! So... Time for change and this time WEBclusive will be supporting us!

Tuesday November 8th everybody is invited to visit WEBclusive there brand new office at the Rozengracht 133 in Amsterdam! They are sponsoring the venue, drinks and a speaker this evening. This promises to be a great and unusual PHP evening once again!

Talk 1: Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture - Frank van den Brink

Deciding on a software architecture that promotes modularity, scalability, clear separation of concerns and code reuse is an important part of any big software project. Service Oriented Architecture helps you do this. In this talk I'll give an introduction to SOA in general, and how you can apply it to the design of web applications.

Frank is a web technologist and software craftsman from Alkmaar, The Netherlands. He has been working in the web development industry for more than 10 years, focusing primarily on software architecture, software engineering processes, and web infrastructure. Frank is a passionate believer of Kaizen, Lean, and keeping things simple.

Talk 2: Developing software if you're blind - Bram Duvigneau

Imagine writing your code without nice colors that help you understand the syntax or without visual indications of errors. If you are a blind software developer, you have to do your work without these niceties. I'll first explain how blind people interact with their computer in general and later I'll dive into some subjects specific to writing code.

Bram is a totally blind software developer. After finishing a study in computer science he developed mainly web applications in Python and PHP. Currently he's working as an accessibility consultant and software developer specializing in making existing software accessible for the blind.


19:00 - 19:30 Welcome and drinks

19:30 – 20:20 Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture (by Frank van den Brink)

20:20 - 20:40 Break

20:40 - 21:30 Developing software if you're blind (by Bram Duvigneau)

21:30 - 21:45 Closing

21:45 - ??:?? Social and drinks

Venue information


Rozengracht 133-3hg
1016LV Amsterdam

Have look at the special Rozengracht 133 site for directions.