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For October, we again have a very nice meeting planned, this time at the Netlog offices in Gent. The meeting will go through on tuesday, October 13th, starting at 19:30h. This month's venue is located right in the centre of beautiful Gent, Netlog was kind enough to provide us with this venue and they are even sponsoring the drinks during and after the event. This promises to be a great PHP event once again!

The two speakers for this meeting both will talk about something related to the cloud and distributed systems. First speaker is Ivo Jansch, with his talk called "PHP and the Cloud". This session will discuss how PHP applications can benefit from Cloud Computing, and how to write applications in such a way that they are 'ready for the cloud'. It will demonstrate how to use some of the more popular cloud services, but more importantly, how to create horizontally scalable applications that benefit from running on a Cloud.

Our second speaker is Felix De Vliegher, who will be delivering a talk called "High gear PHP with Gearman". Gearman is an application framework for distributing work to other machines and processors which are better suited for the job. Although Gearman is still relatively unknown, Yahoo! uses it to process over 6 million jobs a day. Using the Gearman PHP extension, it might prove quite useful to you too.

Afterwards, we will of course raffle away some goodies.