It has become a tradition for PHPBenelux to organize our instance of PHP TestFest, and this year will be no different! All PHP developers are invited to join us again this year for PHP TestFest 2010, which will take place in Maastricht on Saturday June 5th. Participating in the TestFest is completely free and open for everyone, members and non-members.

There are no real requirements for joining the TestFest aside from you having to bring your own laptop. If you have no laptop to bring but would really like to join us, contact us beforehand so we can try and arrange something for you. You need to have some experience with PHP, but not a lot. And don't be afraid: the tests we write for PHP are written in PHP, so there is no need to know any C or other language.

We will start the day with a short presentation by mentor Felix de Vliegher on how to write tests for PHP, after which we're all going to write some tests for PHP. We will contribute these back to the PHP project as soon as they're finished, so by writing these tests you actually contribute a lot to the stability of PHP as a language. As we do every year, expect some nice goodies to be raffled during TestFest as well, so you might actually win something as well :)

PHP TestFest 2010 is hosted and sponsored by Compo Software BV, who have been graciously arranging the TestFest location and drinks for us. The TestFest will take place at Novotel Maastricht, Sibemaweg 10 in Maastricht.

We're starting at 10AM and it will last until 4PM. Please register for attending using this link so we know how many people we can expect. We hope to see you in Maastricht!