The conference is over! But that doesn't mean PHPBenelux doesn't talk PHP anymore. March 5th there will be a new UG meeting in Amersfoort at the Enrise HQ.

This time we'll have one speaker to make more room for the socializing and discussion. Security evangelist Derk Yntema (@SebydeBV) from Sebyde BV will be talking about "The importance of secure code".


Cyber-crime is a hot issue and is growing. Increasingly Internet facing applications are targeted. Web applications become the view and face of the business towards the outside world. As for any system, but especially for web-applications, it becomes more and more important to have secure code. What can we as developers do about it.

In this talk Derk will dive into the following details:

Why is it important to have secure code,
Why are firewalls not enough,
Misconception: Security is an ICT support problem,
What are the dangers?
OWASP top ten.
How to recognize insecure code.
What can I do?
What is “secure by design”
Best practices

You (and your friends!) are welcome to join us on Tuesday the 5th of March, at the Enrise HQ in Amersfoort.


19:00: Welcome Drinks
19:30 - 20:30: "The importance of secure code"
20:30 - 20:45: Raffle
20:45: Social and drinks.