Regular expression, you either hate them or you love them, but do you really know how to harness their power ? Based on the PCRE implementation, this talk will show you how to get the most out of your /^regex(es)?$/, how switches affect your results, how to be less greedy, how to assert your power and let's not forget: when *not* to use regex.


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Arjan Kleene at 21:34 on 10 Sep 2020

Advanced talk, and there's always more to learn about regex. Even though it should be used as a last resort, basically.

Mark Baker at 21:39 on 10 Sep 2020

Always guaranteed to get good take-aways from a Juliette talk - this time it was named sub-patterns and inline modifiers (especially multiple modifiers, and turning them on and off inline); but also a good reminder of things that I already know and still regularly forget to use

Fun and informative, as we've learned to expect from Juliette. When I heard the word "advanced" my expectations went a bit too far to be honest, but that's totally my bad. Maybe branding it around something like "stepping up your regex game" would have managed my expectations a bit better, but ultimately I do realize this talk IS advanced for most audiences – and Juliette definitely nailed that tricky balance.