You've learned about atomic commits, rebasing, you're keeping your history clean... but now what? When does all the good stuff happen? When are you awarded for your good Git behaviour?

Join me in this talk to learn about some advanced Git tricks that has saved my proverbial butt more than once, and I'm sure it will do the same for you! Go anywhere in your history, fix rebase screw-ups you thought were permanent, and find out about the magic of combining bisect with regression tests to fix surprise bugs ⚡️lightning⚡️ fast.


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Jos Elstgeest at 19:47 on 11 Mar 2021

Great talk!!
Loved the interactive follow along format.

As DragonBe said make it into a workshop too!

Very clear and talented speaker

I use git for many years now, and I consider myself as an advanced git user, but even then I learned new cool stuff!

Great talk, but during the interactive parts it went a bit too fast.

Very informative, and learned a few new things about bisect, but actually following along was a bit difficult. If it had maybe 10 more minutes to it it would be 5/5 points!

Arjan Kleene at 19:57 on 11 Mar 2021

Great talk!

The code along part is a bit fast, I guess that works better in a workshop setting. It still works great if you just look at what's happening without trying to code along.

This was great. Using bisect with testing is an absolutely brilliant idea!

An amazing session that blew me away with how to improve my work using tools I use daily using build-in features I wasn't aware they existed. To me it was a 6/5 rating!

Good presentation style, a bit fast but very understandable and with the recordings it's is super to rewatch it at my own pace. Well done!