Testing has a problem: it is widely misunderstood by people, sometimes even by testers themselves. What is its goal? Can you automate testing completely? Can you assure quality?

Through the years, Maaike has encountered many wrong assumptions, weird testing claims and over-the-top test processes. These experiences each were horrific in their own way, but can be boiled down to Three Testing Terrors.

In just 30 to 40 minutes you’ll know what these terrors are and I will send you home with some options to learn more about testing (if you so wish). I cannot teach you everything about testing in 30 minutes, but I can help you recognise the testing terrors so you’ll recognise a testing horror story when you see one.


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Great talk! Learned a lot more about tests and testers!

Very enlightening talk, I learned a lot about testing :)

When I hear 'testing', my brain says 'unit tests, integration tests, web tests'. It was interesting to see the topic 'testing' from another point of view.

Jos Elstgeest at 20:57 on 11 Mar 2021

Great talk and insights from the perspective of the tester.

Some great pointers

Maybe a bit heavy on strong language, but that shows your passion for the subject.

Arjan Kleene at 21:07 on 11 Mar 2021

Great talk! It shows (again) that there's so much more than unit testing. Very nice to get another viewpoint.

Nice talk on testing and from another angle than I am used to

This was a different talk than what we were normally used to, but the presentation delivered beyond my wildest expectations. Not only it confirmed some of the observations I saw during my work, it also provided a complete different point of view to challenges we all face every day. Learned a bunch!

As mentioned already, some strong language used, but it shows passion and involvement. A great talk, well delivered and very educational.