Machine learning for PHP


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Tak naprawde wydaje mi sie ze prowadzacy sam do konca wiedzial czemu prezentowany kod dziala.

Michał Lipek at 10:21 on 3 Oct 2016


Whole idea was presented in simple and understandable way. One thing i missed was better, real world use case and maybe some better library.
Overall, I'm definitely gonna mark this talk as one of best during this edition of PHPCon.

Tomasz Wójcik at 21:45 on 4 Oct 2016

Nicely done. Too bad the public wasn't as responsive as You thought it'd be (some were sleeping I guess heh). Simple yet great idea used as an example to more complicated process. I liked when You asked the public on how do we know if a comment can be treated as a php code - You've opened my mind with question and I liked it very much :)