The everyday basics of Caching and Performance


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Bardzo slaby angielski prowadzacego. Ciezko bylo sie skupic na merytorycznej czesci (a bylo jej bardzo malo).

Michał Lipek at 10:22 on 3 Oct 2016


Pretty interesting stuff about browser cache, but besides this I haven't learned much than: we should cache as much as possible and the cache invalidation is a big and important problem. I expected more real life advices and less general stuff.

Emii Khaos (Speaker) at 01:37 on 14 Dec 2016

To give some feedback back to the raters:

Yes, this talk is intended as a very beginners one, for newcomers but also for experienced developers which have never thought about caching.

It showed all the aspects of the four big players in caching, introduced libs, and how you can set headers e.g. for browser and proxy caching. If you were experienced with caching already, of course you will learn nothing new ;)
But yes @Szymon, I could add more real life examples or maybe also do some live profiling (recorded) of the code before and after an improvement.

Emii Khaos (Speaker) at 01:41 on 14 Dec 2016

P.S.: Yes, my English was not the best on this day. It was late and I got really nervous because of the big audience. It was my first time with such many attendees.