Event Website: https://2023.phpcon.pl/en/

Call for Papers: Open until 19 Jul 2023. Details

The call for Papers for PHPCon Poland 2023 conference is now officially open! Apply with your talks at https://cfp.phpcon.pl. We are incredibly excited to get you on board and to hear you speak about PHP, backend, frontend, web, middleware, etc., in Poland in November!

PHPCon Poland is the oldest and most unique conference in Poland, aimed at PHP developers and enthusiasts. We have been on the Polish market since 2010. During this time, we have contributed to educating a new generation of PHP developers!

This is an event where you will make new contacts and exchange experiences and ideas for the near future. But not only! It's a conference you'll love coming back to, both for the atmosphere and the new contacts, but also for your development - as a listener, speaker, or maybe as a recruiter looking for new talent. Who knows?

This year, PHPCon Poland will again occur at the Villa Verde Hotel in Zawiercie, in the heart of the Jura Uplands. Last season, you liked the venue. It received many positive feedback and comments, so we will follow suit.