Building search applications with Apache Solr and PHP


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Solr is no piece of cake but Borgermans made it accessible

Thanks to the workshop I understood how to deploy solr and use its indexing function at a basic level.

A dive into the usage of Solr as a NoSQL repository would have been good, but 4 hours were too little for that I guess

Borgermans has been quite a good speaker, keeping our attention raised even in that dark room for 4 hours(and that was after lunch).

Anonymous at 18:22 on 15 May 2011

Useful introduction to Solr and useful and tips too, but the one hour and half spent to help people installing solr in their machine it was too much time wasted, in my opinion.

I knew a bit about Solr since our CMF use it in one of its extensions, but I wasn't aware of its full potential.
The workshop was interesting, beside the waiting for people to install the system as our anonymous friend just said.

Anonymous at 06:40 on 19 May 2011

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