Doctrine 2


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Really good presentation!
Doctrine2 was explained as it should be for those who want to know why it was needed and why it is used in so many projects!

Anonymous at 01:33 on 14 May 2011

Good talk, poor in examples... A live demo whould have been appreciated

really good.
Good work, Joe.

Anonymous at 18:24 on 15 May 2011

Good and comprehensive talk

A well-presented introduction to D2. For me there was too much emphasis on the comparison to D1 and the ActiveRecord model though, whereas a focus on practical aspects might have been more helpful in practice. Like schema definion (migrations, forward and backward, including data), or extensibility (can I create my own data types on a D2 level? E. g. your example of the geodata stuff that is not available because some of the supported databases don't provide the functionality), or practical performance considerations (you scratched this one).

Good talk and well presented. Other examples would be interesting (is possible to create model without annotation? Testing and fixtures?)