eXtreme Programming, Timeboxing e Kanban: A company development experience


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Thought provoking. We can tell by questions at the end (even 3 from a single person!)

Anonymous at 11:46 on 15 May 2011

IMHO, one of the best talks in the whole conference.

Good talk and outlines a development process which is really advanced for the audience. It would need a longer slot however.


There was possibly no right balance between actually explaining XP values and principles and practices to the audience, or skipping them all, to move to the real case study ("xkanban" -> i loved the name!) - all in such a short slot.

Filippo did a very good job in glueing theories and values with real life, day to day, work.

There seem to be a pattern in the way that the guys from ideato approach talks to conferences / publicly present their findings / offer insight to their way of working:

"we have been doing this and that, because of this and that".
"we failed on this because of (possibly) that".
"we adapted our process, and we're now doing this and that (because of the same reasons / values explained at the top".

(cphp used the same approach last year, http://joind.in/talk/view/1426, and fullo and the others are aligned too, afaik)

This is a major contribution to the php scene. And to the Agile and Lean communities.

A big THANK YOU for doing that.

I would have skipped all the "values and principles" part, to go directly to the personal experience, with more practical examples of workflow, showing the "kanban post-it journeys" and some examples of user-stories and how they got assigned, developed and integrated in a real application.

Thank you all for your comments.

@Shuriken: Next time I'll ask for some more time and I'll try to put some real example of the "activity journey"! Thanks for your suggestions!