How your business can benefit from Symfony2


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Good Talk giving an intro to symfony2 and how it relates to business aspects. I will have a look at some of the links provided in the presentation. Good questions from the crowd with good answers from the speaker.

Anonymous at 22:05 on 13 May 2011

very interesting, easy to follow with nice slides

First of all thanks for your talk!

you gave a pretty good overview of the features and accomplishments of symfony2, that was excellent. I also appreciated that it was no blue-eyed sales pitch, but that you pointed to the limitations of sf2.

I am not so sure about the first, more theoretical part on project management - you might get get into trouble for relying too heavily on technology to increase development speed and lower development time: every new element of a process you introduce has a learning curve, and considering the complexity (due to amount of features, not messyness!) of sf2 that might be a bumpy ride.

As far as the presentation of the talk itself is concerned: you might bring more flow into your slides - they are really hard to read, because there is so much on each slide.

Anonymous at 01:29 on 14 May 2011

Very interesting, clear exposition and Good infos

I wasn't aware that Symfony 2 favors Plain Old PHP Object, thanks for the talk.

good talk, clear exposition! thanks

good and complete talk

slides full of text "slideshare ready" do make sense - still, a more synthetic version to be used for the live audience would have let you gain my 5th star.

Good talk and good overview of Sf2. About the slide I agree with c.beschi.