User Centred Design (UCD) and Agile Development are two of the most exciting and productive Methods to achieve high quality appication both desired by the customers and loved by the users. UCD and Agile Development are though often said to be impossible to combine and that despite their great advantages any attempt would most certainly lead to disaster.
This talk Picks up the main points of both methods, shows the key problems and tries to offer a pragmatic approach on how to successfully combine User Centered Design and Agile Development.

Points covered:
- UCD:
-- No Design without research: the idea behind UCD
-- Why early Developer integration is key
- Agile:
-- A short recap: Roles and Processes
- Issues:
-- The Waterfall/Agile misconception
-- The race condition: Integrating User Tests
-- Lost in translation: preventing UCD > dev0
-An example Workflow
-- Key processes
-- Essential Deliverables
-- Ownership regulation


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Great speech, very motivational to achieve change where stale practices hinder productivity.

great talk, very clear

Good introduction to what user experience design is for us web developers.

Just described how to solve a long-time crucial dilemma. Great talk.

Perfect talk, solid foundations

very interesting, thanks

Great talk, really inspiring. Memi was forced to skip some sections because he was running out of time. The topic is really interesting and ihmo it would have fit well in a big talk (1,5 h)

great talk, very inspirational - loved the fact that memi combined "on the edge" agile practices with real world experiences / case studies

4 out of 5 because of the time thing - the presentation would have better fit a 1h30' slot

This talk is about something that I live everyday, it's a hard challenge, and Meme has been able to catch the point and give a brilliant overview about UCD and Agile. Thank you!

un talk semplicemente perfetto. Stile efficace, diretto, senza fronzoli e raccontato con grandissima competenza.